Our first “Post-Graduation” trip

Our Countdown:

ocean, fjord, alps-7917678.jpgWe are planning for our first post-graduation (let’s not call it retirement) travel this July and we are going to Norway on our first Viking Ocean cruise. The Itinerary is called “into the midnight sun” where we travel from Bergen, Norway to the northernmost tip of Europe in Honningsvag, Norway which is above the artic circle. Being in the height of summer, the sun will never set, and Gina and I hope it signifies what the second half of our life will be – sunny all day long. 

We have enjoyed many cruises on NCL, Celebrity, Royal Caribbean and three Christmas cruises on Princess in the Caribbean. Our Mediterranean cruise in Italy and Spain was memorable on Costa Cruises  as we did a land/sea tour that we hope to do again sometime. But Viking Cruises promises to provide enrichment in culture and history, have great food and Norway offering beautiful scenery.

norway, north degrees, north cape-2611903.jpgAfter reaching Honningsvag, we turn south cross the Norwegian sea to Scotland’s Shetland and Orkney Island s and finally back to where part of our honeymoon some 37 years ago was spent – Edinburgh and London.

into the midnight sun cruise map

So be on the lookout for posts along the way, maybe some photos if the ship’s internet cooperates. In October, we will travel to the northeast and the Poconos to attend the wedding of my Niece, Danielle who resides in Philadelphia where supposedly its always sunny in Philadelphia, so that event should be fun too! 

Until next time, drive safe and be careful out there. 

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