We arrive – Oslo Norway

First Stop – Oslo Norway

Sorry for the delay as I learned a few things about blogging – photos are the main reason for this blog, so when I did our final preparation on packing, I removed an item from my camera arsenal which happened to contain the device to transfer photos from my Sony A7iii camera.  Without that device, it made transferring any desired photos a hassle, So I decided to forego writing the blog and enjoy the scenery and simply post after we returned home… so here we are!!

Oslo Norway –

Simply – What a Lovely City! 

Day 1, we arrived on time as our 9 hour flight from Miami to London was on-time, and only a minor delay in an equipment change to fly to Oslo delayed our arrival by a few hours – but all our bags made it! (unfortunately for some we met on the cruise, they were not as lucky) . We took a nice walk to unwind and got some sleep – it worked! jet lag was avoided.

Hotel Thorn Opera of Oslo was very nice, definitely a US/European travel hotel that caters to travelers from all counties – breakfast buffet had all the fixings you would want. Perfect hotel for the Oslo stay – right next to the train station which is a very easy 100 yard walk.

Day 2, We took  the include bus tour – after a stop at a Viking museum, the highlight was the

 Vigeland Park -a sculpture and 

park designed by an artist Gustav Vigeland which is massive with over 200 statutes – nice walk through the park and some interesting statutes to say the least.

The brief bus ride was over before noon allowing us to walk around and see two nearby sites – the  opera House and The Munch Museum – the opera house is a architectural/public space marvel – shaped in the style of a iceberg, public is allowed to walk up the roof slants to the top for a lovely view of the city – then the Munch museum right next door, houses some thousands of works by Edwin Munch most famous for the portrait called “The Scream” 

actually there are three versions of the masterpiece that  are set to revolved every 20 minutes as not to have artificial lights ruin the paintings/drawing over time.  What I did find interesting is Mr. Munch produced some 28,000 works of art, that he may have painted numerous multiple copies of the same piece in order to get it perfect – some of the paintings are of dark scenes and one was a wall filled (I mean huge) masterpiece called the Sun which captured his version what it was like to look directly into the sun. 


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