Oslo to Bergen – by Train, but really by bus

Day 3 was the scheduled 6 hour scenic rail trip from Oslo to Bergen – advertised to be the most scenic European rail trip through the plateau of Norway with the backdrop of a glacier, waterfalls and mountain ranges.  IMG_8690

Our assigned time was noon departure and the rail station is literally right across the street from the hotel, after breakfast, we checked out of the hotel, walked around the area and walked over with the rest of our troop to the train platform only to arrive to see the display board post the 12:06 train to Bergen was cancelled and an announcement stated the reason is work being done on the tracks ahead and that a bus would take the group up the line some 3 hours trip an meet the new train there for the remainder of the trip.  SO we boarded a bus, drove three hours to Ao, Norway.

Waiting about 30 minutes, a train arrived and we hopped on. off we went and everything seemed going well. It was however a local train not an express train meaning stops at all stations along the way.  We traveled for about 90 minutes. 

We arrived in a station called Hallingskeid which is really at the most desolate point of the trip – beautiful desolate scenery, a big waterfall, and a glacier looming in the far horizon of the mountains.  The conductor came over the intercom to say that the train ahead just derailed and that the train will be delayed a bit so we were allowed to exit the train for some fresh air and photos.  Coming back on board the conductor informed everyone 

that the train cannot go forward due to the accident and will need to go back a few stops (to Finse, Norway) where buses will be waiting to take everyone to Bergen.  In the 30 minute ride back, the Viking chaperones worked feverishly securing a bus only for Viking guests.. When we reached Finse the one  Viking hosts ran to the first bus and quickly secured the entire bus for only the Viking cruise passengers – WELL DONE!

The bus ride from Finse to Bergen was another 5 hours arriving adjacent to the ship just before midnight.  Viking staff was ready to check everyone in, and we proceeded to our room tired from the 12 hour journey, but to find dinner, desert snacks, and a bottle of wine and a note from Viking apologizing for the long day.  Viking also followed up with giving everyone a partial credit on their shipboard account and hosted a morning cocktail event on our first sea day for everyone on the excursion (which I missed due to a spa appointment) – But Here is what I quickly found out, Viking and Viking hosts have their act together and take care of their guests with excellent service and dedication – all of the issue was because of Norway Train (Vy) operational issues and still Viking rectified the situation.  


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