Sea day! Lofoten and Whales!

After Departing Geirangerfjord, we had enjoyed dinner at the Chef’s Table – a pre-fix five course menu that changes every three days, normally follows a theme, is paired with a selection of wines and every bite certainly tantalizes your taste buds.  The first night was Asian infusion menu that was so, so good, with exceptional service and conversations with the servers, we promptly made a reservation for the following night for the same menu! 

Chilled crab, dumpling, roast Peking duck, so well prepared it was an experience not a meal. 

The next day was a sea day in which we had a scheduled spa service a deep  tissue message – it was excellent. Unfortunatly, for me, it conflicted with a special even they held for our group on the failed scenic train ride in which included morning mimosa and light pastries – Viking’s continued way of say they apologize for what we went through. Other than that, a very relaxing day at sea, took in some lectures, walked the ship and rested. At night we had the Chef’s table again, and strolled the explorer’s lounge.  What a full day.

Lofoten was a treat, small fishing village and we signed up for a included land and sea excursion which was a 60 minute bus ride of the coast’s archipelago, stopped at the small fishing and art village of Hennigsvear where we toured the quaint shops, art exhibits including live glassblowing. After 45 minutes, we boarded a 90 minute catamaran boat ride back to the ship. The views were spectacular with mountains along the coast seeming to stretch out of the ocean to touch the clouds. 

The Highlight of the catamaran ride (which turned fairly cold in the middle of the bay) but the captain of the boat and the tour guide spotted whales circling a school of mackerel – the boat stopped, turned around and allowed everyone to view the nature – what we originally thought were orca whales, ended up being minke whales but they were just as cool to see.

We made it back to the ship and decided to go back on board to warm up and decided with the limited time not go into Leknes a 15 minute drive which is a small cozy fishing harbor with some small shops.  Cod harvesting is a big industry here as cod drying racks can be frequently seen which is used to dry the cod in the Norwegian air prior to transporting the delicacy to other countries.    

Great day overall, as we are now on the skirt of the midnight sun for this time of year. 

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