Shetland Island, Ponies and Tall Ships!

After 2 days at sea – (which included a wine tasting class, and a spa service) Our ship, the Viking Mars, docked in Lerwick, Shetland Islands Scotland.  What a beautiful day it was!  The weather could not be any better, warm and sunshine all day. The best part, the international tall ship race was in town as all residents were at the port for the festival – the annual international tall ships race series returns to Lerwick every 12 years (last time they were in Lerwick was 1999 and 2011) – it was only by chance that we docked the exact weekend the tall ships were in Lerwick – what a treat!   We saw the ships immediately from our cabin – what majestic vessels!

The Viking bus tour we chose traveled through the island (we saw the western coastline). Making stops along the way.  Wonderful scenic sites which also included an audience with the famous Shetland ponies.  Enjoyed a roadside vista of Scalloway Castle and the surrounding town.  What a gorgeous country Scotland is!

Back in Lerwick, we walked up and down the port, ate at a local restaurant, walked through the tall ship festival, boarded several of the ships and did some people watching as music played, visitors and locals mingled in the port.  What an absolutely wonderful time!


And the sunset as we sailed out of the port was just perfect end to a perfect day!

Next stop – Kirkwall Scotland!

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